Review of Sharpie Fine Point Pen’s new colors

A while back Sharpie released the Sharpie Fine Point pen.  These are not markers, but an actual permanent ink pen.  The colors available were black, blue, red, green, orange and purple.

I use the black when I want a slight contrast to a Micron black.  The Sharpie black has a bluer cast while the Micron’s is more red.  I also use the Sharpie red & black for drawing my tangle patterns.  I do use the other colors on occasion, though I seem to have misplaced my orange.

Recently, Sharpie released four new colors–Turquoise, Watermelon, Clover and Hot Pink.

The pens themselves are not labeled by name so I had to guess which pen was which color, but I believe I have them correctly.  I’ve added the original colors so you’ll have a comparison (except for the pesky orange that has gone gad-a-bouting).

I can find these pens in most department stores, as well as craft and art stores, they are nicely priced and the new colors are fun, nicely complementing each other.



The ink flow is just a bit stiff for drawing, or I would use them for larger areas of coloring.  They’re great for most zentangle sized drawings, though.  They are permanent ink, so they don’t smear.

Laura Harms’ challenge #36 this week was to use the new official tangle Assunta, so I decided to combine and use my entry as the example for this review.




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