Mis?Adventures in Watercolor-More Done in the Dark

These are the last of my ‘Done in the Dark’ works (I hope).  Hubby’s doing better, and while he’s still somewhat photosensitive, I’ve been  able to turn up the light while working on my art.  Hopefully, I didn’t train myself to paint under low-light, because I think I was improving a bit, lol!
I did these at the same time–that is, I painted a wash on one, and switched to the other while the wash dried. The house is from an exercise in the Summer issue of American Artist Watercolor magazine.  I got the perspective on the house better than I thought I would-but it does make me think of a haunted Donald Duck dwelling, lol!
While sitting in the doctor’s office, flipping through magazines, I came across a photo of Pickled Peppers, and decided I wanted to do something with that.  I didn’t have a reference photo, and I did draw the bottles first, but then I couldn’t see them so I just painted them in on the fly.  I was trying out a triad of Hooker’s Green, Gamboge, and Quinacridone Red, and playing with the transparency of glass.  I don’t think the triad colors work too well for mixing.  They go together side by side, but get muddy when mixed.  I’ll probably try doing a similar picture with better planning and lighting in the future.

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