Review: Elephant Poop Journal -Admit it. You want to read this!

I recently visited the Oregon Zoo while my family was visiting.  My father used to work there so it was a nostalgic trip.  I hope to have a couple of pictures to share with you later.
Why yes!  Of course, we visited the tourist shop!  
The Oregon Zoo is famous for it’s elephants and there was a whole line of journals, color books, stationery and more paper products made from…yup…elephant poop.  The paper products come from Mr. Ellie Poo, and they are the ultimate in recycled products, lol!  Elephant poop is almost pure cellulose, and the process completely sanitizes it, so there’s nothing icky about it.  (Okay.  Some people still get icked out.  My 9-year nephew wouldn’t touch any of the products, lol).
I’ve used Elephant poo paper before, but this was the first time I’d seen a journal.  And the journals are so cute! (Unfortunately, I don’t see the type I got on Mr Ellie Pooh’s site, just wirebound ones) .  There are some drawbacks.  The paper is very soft, which limits the media you can use–nothing sharp or wet.  Brush pens and gel pens work a treat, although the fiber content may clog some pens.  But, hey.  Elephant poop.  You are helping to save elephants when you buy these products.  And the art looks so cool when it’s done.
Journal Cover-there were several different covers
The pages are in several colors
This flyer explains the process of creating the paper-you can find out more on Mr. Ellie Pooh’s site.


  1. I've seen these journals and have a bookmark. The first journal I saw was sent to a friend straight from Africa. I think it's great. I also have a bracelet made from grass. It is so cool.

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