Weekly Challenge #10-my attempt

Laura Harms’ challenge to use white space is a hard one for me, because I’m also one of those people who hates to see a good space go unused.  But I’ve been working on that, so I jumped right on this one.  I decided to see if I could do a little mind-bending, taking your brain where no space has gone before! (What can I say?  It’s Monday!).

The example uses several tangles from Sandy Bartholomew’s “Yoga for your Brain”.  Tung, Paisley, Botto, Itch, Chads, Gewgle and Circfleur.


  1. So….I love the spaces…you stayed true to your art form with the beautiful shading and design, and for such a beauty you didn't take much time at all. Impressive!

  2. Squirkling is kind of like scribbling until you cover most of a space, instead of using straight lines. I did a write up that Linda Farmer will be posting at TanglePatterns.com sometime in the next couple of weeks.

  3. Do not know the name of very many tangles and I've never seen some of the one's you've used in this, but I do like it!! The little eyeball-looking spheres floating in the blue sea, are especially intriguing….

  4. Oh My – how wonderful! I really enjoy looking at this – you did very well handling the white spaces. I love your squirkling and am looking forward to the write up at Tangle Patterns.

  5. Love the Plesiosaurus! He looks like a reptile who is pleased with himself! And pleased he should be with those fine markings! 😉 Love the new patterns…I am peering closely at all of them (because I am still waiting for my book) and love your squirkling too, especially the outside light “shading.”

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