My tangle pattern "FauxGee"

I’ve posted a few tangles lately that are based on the Ogee pattern.  Sometimes, though, you want the look but you don’t want the work.  Especially if you are planning a lot of curve, keeping that nice even in and out look is difficult.
So here’s a faux Ogee based on 8’s.  It’s a bit rougher looking, but can take more hit and miss and still look good.


  1. Exactly what I needed as I can't seem to do an ogee… I will be happy with ersatz until I can master (or even get, lol) the real thing.

  2. what you have done with those 8ts…it is …i should google another word for it…i used all my “dictionary” for describing your gorgeous tangles…

  3. Thank you both!

    Kim, I think you have more of a challenge doing Ogees with a fountain pen. Once you get the curve down, that nib adds elegance. But it does take extra practice to get your curves smooth.

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