Laura Harms "Weekly challenge #2"-My attempt

Here’s my work using Laura Harm’s Weekly Challenge # 2– using the two-Pencil technique for a string.  Although, I cheated.  I used two pens instead of pencils.  Pencil lead makes me sneeze for some reason, so I tend to avoid using it.  Pens worked just fine, and the technique was great fun.  I think I may try it with my ‘Slalom’ tangle.  The In and Out glide ’round and ’round the circles should be a lark!


  1. Oh yes, this would be fun to see with Slalom. I'll await that with baited breath. But this piece is 'gliding' rather spectacularly itself, M! Like Heather, I too love the challah-like braid at the top (it's making me quite hungry for fresh baked bread – and it is almost breakfast time here). As always, the intricate details of your design draws me in – and brings me back again and again (each time seeing something more). ♥ it!

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