My tangle pattern: Japonica

I’ve had this pattern for months, and for some reason, just never got around to posting it.  It is a bit similar to my pattern Inersis ( but it’s created in a totally (and eaiser) fashion.  It reminds me of a stack of turbans!, but it’s great for borders or strings or you can group it together to get a floral look.


  1. This one has so much flexibility and possibilities. I love it when ideas for the weekend start piling into my head! Thanks for pattern, it is lovely.

  2. Another great pattern! I just used thylcum (?) I think I spellled that right. Anyway, I got a moleskine journal and my first zt used it. I'll send a pic when I'm finished.

  3. I knew I would like this because I like Inersis so much… this is, indeed, much easier to draw. Thanks again!

  4. Kellie, Please do send the pic. I can't wait to see it. Japonica has already proved to be a popular pattern. I think I've seen it used more than any other of my patterns except for lacy!

    I'm not sure why it took me so long to post it. I wasn't sure if people would like it, lol! Just shows how much I have to learn yet.

    Thank goodness. It would be so boring to know it all!

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