My tangle pattern: Notanmandala

So–this alien decides to invade Earth and study the design principle of Notan.  He zorphs his shape (that’s what these aliens do–they zorph) into this funky meteorite shape. 

But once he lands, he catches a few ‘sodes of the Twilight Zone, and realizes he’ll be broken into itty-bitty pieces and examined on the lab table if he stays a meteorite. 

It’s too soon, and his zorph power hasn’t fully revved up, so he’s gotta change into something pretty similar.  He brasers (that’s reading using his natural brain laser capabilities) the Britannica encyclopedia and decides a Puffer fish is his best bet.  Only, he didn’t read too closely and kinda missed that a cadillac sized Puffer fish rolling down the highway is kinda like..well…kinda like a really huge fish out of water.

Nasa, the CIA, the FBI and homeland security are all on his tail and in desperation he uses the last of his Zorph.  All he can manage is a mandala, and not a very shapely one at that. 

Unfortunately, the mandala shape has all sorts of mystical power, but zorphing isn’t one of them.  Occasionally he tries, and ends up a square, and his petal ‘extenders’ (spaceship fins, really) turn into circles or squares.  But mostly he’s a kinda squashy mandala.

So, this is Not-an-mandala, and yet it is.  This is my story, and I’m sticking to it.


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