1. I do like how all these tangles start with Z– a previously underused tab in my pattern binder. I like this one a lot and like how it extends from a basic shape. Reminds me of Lachymorose that way (one of my favs).

    I hope your lifestyle change is marching right along and that your tunnel carpel is receding.

  2. There is something fishy going on with this blog, lol! I posted a comment yesterday that gotten eaten by cyberspace but wanted to tell you I didn't read your intro and it was not until I printed out this pattern to try on my coffee break that I noticed it was a bird! I can be such a numpty. I enjoyed it immensely although mine is more like a fat chick.

  3. Well, they are only birds if you want them to be! I was just doing loopy swirly things and they made me think of fat, little birds, and when I read the definition of Zumbador, it just seemed apt.

    I've been having a lot of problems on Flickr lately. My responses just don't take, sometimes. I think it's when I get too behind. You can only make so many responses and then Flickr gets cranky.

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