My tangle pattern: Gr8ful

I’m so grateful for 8’s.  They’ve rescued me from the blank page so many times.  They make gr8 strings and gr8 patterns too! 
Gr8ful is a free-form pattern.  The first 3 steps are the base, and after that you go wild!  But w8!  That’s not all!  There’s more.  You can use stripes, you can use spots, you can even use wiggly-waggly, squiggly lines and it will still be gr8!  But w8!  There’s more!!! You don’t even have to use 8’s and it will STILL be gr8!  You can us other numbers, letters, objects in your room.  You just can’t go wrong with this slice and dice….er… terrific pattern.  And if you accept this offer now, you get a  pair of eyeballs.  Just turn the pattern on its side, and there they are.  With a little creativity and ink, the uses for this pattern are endless.
Ah, it’s been a long day.


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