My tangle pattern: Liriope

I get a little paranoid when offering an easy pattern, but those are always the first that others think of.  I don’t think I’ve every seen this anywhere though.  Let me know if you have.


  1. Easy is good…

    Still on vacation, still tangling. Had a dear friend drop by yesterday. She actually told me about Zentangles back in March. She is an amazing artist but is not incredibly obsessed or anal. She had printed out a few patterns and was laughing her head off when I could name them and the pattern maker on sight. I took her on a quick trip across my links and promised to forward them to her. She was impressed by our fridge here at the cottage which has accumulated two weeks worth of tangling on it by me and my wee nieces. It is looking kinda kick butt if you ask me.

    The POINT of this long post is that I showed her your site and had the reaction I expected to your work. I have been trying to expand the form a bit (my friend and I are both die hard digital artists) both digitally and in “real life”. She left full of plans to do large (huge) scale zentangle/acyrlic canvases. I told her I was working on you to do a book…

  2. We'll turn your friend into a real zentangle addict yet, lol!

    I keep thinking about a book, but I keep thinking it would be hard work! *shudders* I'm having too much fun to work!

  3. I just found an article this week on zentangle and gave it a try. I had never heard of it before. I found quite enjoyable and decided to google for more info on it and low and be hold your site came up. It was great that you had easy stuff. I'm going to give your zentangle a try and see where it goes.

    Thank you for the insight!

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