Quatiny in Glass

Gabriel Productions suggested trying the pattern Quatiny as a glass ball.  I did in B&W but wasn’t really happy with the result.  I like this colored attempt better.


  1. I thought that you did the bw in the doodle you posted for Triquetra, at least that is how I saw the Quatiny there and we will have to disagree because I thought it was brilliant, lol. It is wonderful in colour, too. I am looking so forward to giving it a go as soon as I stop doodling Planateen. I am hopelessly smitten with it. I know a pattern has gotten underneath my skin when I have to try it with different pens. I have lots of skinny little pens but my true love is using a fountain pen which is not really the best for me (the finest nib is nowhere near as skinny as a Micron or G-Tec, it smudges etcetera). Planateen passes every pen test I have…it is just a wonderful pattern.

    Thanks for giving this a go. I love your pieces in and of themselves and also for the little sparks of inspiration they give me.

  2. Thank you! For some reason, I can't comment on your Flickr site. I see other comments there, but it won't let me leave a note, or comment. I love what you've been doing!

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