My tangle pattern: Fatopyr

Here’s some more geometric homework.  Circles and diamonds tonight, and some shading to make them 3D.   For a variation, look at the detail I took from my ‘World Map’ drawing where I left some of the tangle unshaded, and transitioned to the 3D.   Isn’t this a wonderful world?  Circles.  Diamonds.  A dash of darker lines, and just look what you can do!


  1. This turned out to be a sleeper for me: I thought there was no way I would use this. Wrong-o! Not only is it incredibly useful, the part I thought I would never get (those inner tracings) turns out to be one of the most favourite patterns I have ever done. I love this one!

  2. Hey…I've duplicated this without knowing 😀 I worked in the Electronics for over 10 years and made a design very similar. I'll update my links to my patterns to include this one!

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