My tangle pattern: Quatiny

Today’s offering relies heavily on shading for a 3D look. You could do it without, but it looks so-o-o much cooler with. You can use this a border, or fill, or, if you look at my sample, you can see how to use it as a string.


  1. I have page after page after page of Otopo, Quatiny and Kiwi. For perverse reasons, I have had a real need to use my fountain pens and I am still at that stage where wham, all of a sudden I drop my concentration and manage to make one huge glorious smear (ummm, a Bronx cheer would not be quite large enough, would require a North American cheer or somesuch) or a bunch of smears that would serve well in learning to do fingerprinting. I am the first to admit that one should not try to learn a new pattern, a new medium and shading in one fell swoop but having said that, I have passed a wonderful Saturday neck deep in ink and smears. I sat outside with my pens and inks and pencils and puppy and of course, my notebook opened to your blog. A fun time was had by all.

  2. Thank you all! Kimberly, consider getting a white gel pen, and when the smear dries, tangle over it with the white. It's one of my favorite methods of reclaiming a spot I don't like!

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