1. Oh, I like this one! I have changed the circles to circles in the intersection but diamonds on top which gives you arrows if you colour in the intersecting bits. It is a lovely variation. But I have to say what has intrigued me and kept me experimenting away is that object on the right that reminds me of a string wrapped ham. It is perfect to practice shading on and I am practicing and practicing and practicing. I have gone from dreading it to “can't wait until I shade this” in a few short weeks. Such a strange hobby 🙂

  2. Actually, I look at this page and realize I had several other patterns that I haven't done up yet. Really, of late, if I shake my head too hard, a pattern pops out.

    One of the things I like about zentangle/zendoodle is that it takes some of the pressure off when it comes to learning technique. If you are doing something realistic, there's so many more things to watch out for. But with the abstract, you can just enjoy and learn the 'making marks' part of the process. I'm glad you are enjoying. I find the shadowing the best part of the process, myself.

  3. this is so beautiful, but then again so is all your work. I'm new to zentangles and have been going through your blog and copying your generous patterns. I'm not sure how advanced I'll ever get, but I'm having fun. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful work, and your patterns.

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