My tangle patterns: Thoofen

I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get my husband off of the new computer so I could post this, lol!  I think we need another new one.

Any old hoo, while pondering ways to get 3D with Kristy Thomas’s Chainlette, I found success when I stopped thinking ‘chain’. Rick and Maria Thomas, who pioneered the zentangle method, urge people not to get caught up in trying to recreate a specific object. This is proof positive. I think I could still do a chain, but focusing on a chain-like object kept me from seeing the pattern, which was really what I wanted. And here is Thoofen. Wrap it, warp it, buckle it, bunch it, double it, triple it, just keep it going for ever. It’s great for using with text, or combining with other patterns. Enjoy.

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