My Tangle Patterns: Dusk & Bender

Here are a couple of tangle patterns that are good for learning a little more about shading.  It this case, it is ‘cast’ shadow, the shading that happens when an object blocks the light, and it’s outline is cast behind it.
With Bender, the light hits from above, and the cast shadow is beneath.  It gives the bars a 3D appearance.
With Dusk, the light is to the right and the cast shadow on the left.  Notice how the shadow side of the tree is also dark.  Try playing with how dark and how wide the shadows are.  See what happens if you detach the cast shadow and draw it a little farther from the bars or trees.
Notice, too, that the bars and trees get smaller the farther away they are from you.


  1. I love these two… I think I love Dusk the best out of the two because it reminds me of Italy.. and oh how I wish I were there right now on some exotic vacation! Wow and yes, totally inspiring!

  2. Thank you both. I'm finding I really emjoy trying to compress the world I see into patterns. It makes you look at things closely and discover more than you realized was there.

  3. Thankyou Molossus! These will come in very handy I'm sure! 🙂 Very much appreciated.

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