My Tangle Patterns: Kiwi & Fricasee

I love drawing circles, and making them look like pearls and rocks and bubbles.  Both of these tangles look great with color, and add both movement and interest to a tangle.

Shading: Note that in the example I used a contour shading to add depth. 


  1. I tried Kiwi and it is totally cool. Tipped on its side, mine looks like a laced up sneaker, grin. I also tried leaving little white highlights on my black circles and it worked (not like yours work, but hey! journeys of a thousand miles and all that good stuff). Thanks again for sharing these with us, so appreciated.

  2. LOL, I am afraid this one is a blurry mess (I am using mixed pens with mine: the fountain pens are giving me the most grief but I love them!). If I can clean it up at all, I will whizz it on through, just to show how much I adore your patterns and your warm heartedness in faithfully posting them…

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