My Tangle Patterns: Centrifuge, Kinder and Nebulous

This one seems a little like eggs in a basket….

And this one seems a little like kids running crazy on candy-highs, so I thought they were good choices for today.

I’ve been trying to get around to posting Nebulous all week, but something came up everytime I tried. So I’m posting it as well, even though it isn’t very Easter-like.


  1. The Kinder picture is from one of my journals. I have most of the pages posted, but it was a late Christmas present for someone I don't see too often. I didn't have a chance to scan in the last few pages, worst luck! I have one more of those journals–I've been trying to decide the general idea. Possibly it will be the story of two kitties–Rosenose Tailtalker and her brother Tumbelly Turtletoes.

    Thank you both for the compliments!

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